What may I expect in pricing?

     We aren’t the least expensive – we don’t pretend to be. But we’re highly competitive and provide a good value for
     the high quality services that we offer. A well-executed painting job typically ends up costing less than a faulty one that needs to be redone.

     After an in-home consultation, we’ll provide a prompt, free, itemized estimate.  

   What’s the difference between your service and the one that’s promising me a cut-throat low rate?

    There are always painting companies or painters that will sell their services based on below professional pricing. Unfortunately, in a challenging 
    economy like this one, these services are cropping up right and left.

     The problem is... they know how to cover walls, but they often don’t understand the art and science of painting. They rely on you to tell them the 
     colors and finishes you want. They are not meticulous about their work; sometimes, the original coat shows through. A lot of painters don't properly 
     prepare your walls for the right adhesion for the new paint. They speed through the job to get to the next one, leaving specks on your floors, furniture,
     and windows.  
     There’s a good chance you may end up redoing their paint job a year or two down the line.  
     Ask yourself:  is that really a good value?

   How can I be sure I’m picking the right color?   

    That’s another value-added service we bring to the table.

    Most painting companies don’t know how to choose the right paint colors and are not very helpful in giving you guidance. It is truly a skill 
    and science between picking colors that will work in your space with your fixtures, furniture, flooring, cabinets, drapery, natural and artificial 
    lighting. The right color can make the world of difference in the look and feel of your room.

   Do you offer services that go beyond painting? 

    We have the professional expertise to offer interior design services such as color consultations, redesigning a space with your current furniture,
    or helping you select new furniture. We design and make custom pieces such as kitchen tables, coffee tables, wall units, built-ins and more.  
    We can design beautiful custom drapery, pillows and bedding even shower curtains. We have an extensive library and resources to supply you 
    with anything you would need to stylize and finish your home. From a single room makeover to a complete rehab, we’re here for you.

   How long in advance should I call you?

     It makes sense to call us as soon as you know you want to go ahead with your project.  Contrary to some perceptions (usually fostered by
     low-price painters), it takes time to meticulously plan your painting project.  

    You’ll want to take the time to meet with us, talk about your vision, begin determining the right colors for your space, and reserve a time period. 
     If your painting project is more complex – for example, if you’re interested in faux finishes –it can take a few weeks for the samples and products 
     to arrive.  Or if you’re in the market to buy new furniture, lighting, accessories sometimes this can take up to 12 weeks from the time the orders are
     placed to delivery day. The sooner you begin the process, the better.   

   Are you insured?

    Of course.  We are fully insured and we will gladly provide you with a copy of certificate if requested.

  Are there any advance arrangements I need to make?

   We will go through them together. A few things to keep in mind: remove and store any items on the walls in the area that we will be painting. 
   Clear off counters, tables, dressers and shelves and take down draperies. If you have animals, you may wish to make arrangements for their 
   care and supervision before we begin.

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